Hello everybody!

Apologies for my lack of communication recently – I’ve just completed two brilliant weeks of youth camps, and now my summer can truly begin!  I’ve been in beautiful Northern Ireland for the last fortnight (all topped of with a wedding reception on Friday night past!), and I’ll be back in Edinburgh by next weekend!

The plan for the next month is a mix of reading, relaxation, and a few other things that don’t start with ‘r’ (like trying to get my driving licence, sorting out my plan for next year, and doing some bits of work for people to make the ends meet!)  Details on all that will maybe be coming as it all happens!

Hopefully there’ll also be time to catch up with some of you guys – so fire me an email or text if you’re in Edinburgh and at a loose end!

I hope the summer has been enjoyable for you so far, (and that it will continue at least a little longer!)


On my graduation

Praise the Lord!  He is faithful beyond telling, and He blesses more richly than any can proclaim!


He has given to me life, health, a loving family, friends and peers, Godly men and women who spoke the Word of God into my life, and teachers who encouraged me.  Over and above all this, He has redeemed me by the blood of His Son – the Lord Jesus Christ who bore my sin on the Cross – and He has adopted me, (ME!) who was by nature a rebel – a child of the hell, a sinner by both nature and action – to be His own son.

And it was His pleasure (for reasons beyond understanding)  to call me (EVEN ME!?) to study His Word, and to be trained to go into His service full-time.

He has kept me every step of the way – walking with me and dealing gently with me.

He is faithful – and words fail me to describe it!


May each one of you come to know the faithfulness and beauty of God – in even greater measure than I have come to know these past two years!

The lull before the storm

So here we are, the day before The Edinburgh Convention preparations well and truly begin.

I’ve had one of the best weeks ever (even though it contained an exam, clearing out my room, and all sorts of other bits), but now it feels like the other foot is about to drop!  But isn’t that just life!  Perhaps my ‘realism’ is just getting the better of me…  (my bad!)

Regardless of whatever this week may bring:  In a week and a day I am supposed to graduate.  In 5 days (Wednesday) it will have been two years to the day since God called me to Bible College.  I don’t think words can (or should) contain all the thoughts I have about these facts.  But one thing I know:  God, the one who knew me before I was; the one who created me before anyone knew I existed;  the one who has brought me to this place.  This is the same God who will lead me onward.  He knows my paths, and my future is secure in Him.  Even the pain and hard times are planned and permitted by His loving hand.  How utterly praise-worthy is He!

Have a great weekend, and if I’m really (REALLY) organised I’ll maybe get a chance to share some thoughts on the Convention.


The Final Straight

My friends, acquaintances, and people that stalk the Interwebs!

The final corner has been turned;  The finish line is finally in sight. Yes – my two years at FMBC is almost over.
The dissertation has been handed in and presented. 
Now all that stands between me and graduation is just over 3 weeks – and a bit of coursework!

But what lies beyond that day?
What’s next, and where?
These are good questions.
And I don’t know the answer to any of them.
But that’s okay.

Because God holds all things in His hands.
He brought me to Edinburgh – even though I didn’t know it.
He put me in my church family – even though I wasn’t aware of it.
He sent me into FMBC – that one I knew about.
And He has kept me every day that I’ve been here – a fact I’ve all too often taken for granted.

But I can look back, and say with confidence that He has been faithful.
So I can rest in Him.

Pray for me – that I would finish well in these next weeks, and that as I seek God’s guidance that I would hear clearly and obey well all that He tells me to do.

Back Home


So, I’m back from my little 3.5 week jaunt into the Highlands.  I loved Poolewe, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience (not that either of those facts count to much, but nonetheless).  The children’s clubs went very well, and the evangelistic meetings were well received.  The door-to-door was good, but we were hampered by weather and circumstance.  I had my first taste of the Scottish Episcopal Church (an experience that has been very beneficial), and I think I’ve caught the bug for psalm-singing!!  But it’s good to be home.

The next thing is dissertation – which is due at the end of the month.  That’s going to be my life for the next few days.  Term also starts up again on Tuesday.

In other news – I’ve been reading a bit of Kierkegaard during my travels.  And my head is ready to explode in merry exhaustion.  However I highly recommend him.  I was first told to read him about 6 years ago (by a High School teacher who was brilliant!!), and now my only regret is being so slow!

So, that’s me.  Apologies in advance for the upcoming radio silence (that’s what I expect).  If you want me, you’ll find me either in the Library or in Procrastinatia.  :)