Drum Walk

There’s this path quite close to the college called Drum Walk.  It’s pretty beautiful, and has all sorts of cool buildings and winding lanes that disappear into secluded woods or go over some nearby hill.  I took time to enjoy myself, and in the process wrote something of a poem.

One of the people who have been staying at college kind of loved this place and is leaving for America soon, so I’ve used this as a good-bye present.  Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to critique!  I’m pretty new to poetry, and any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!

The Sound of the Drum rings ever on,

an endless cacophony,

an invisible symphony.

Harmonies interleave

in rising spring melody

of songbirds above.


Man’s noises become dull hum –

Outplayed here and oversung

as myriad small voices raise

their sweet chorus and song.


Then change –

The chorus fades away,

the wind comes up, it’s part to play.

Through beech, and grass, and timeless oak

it rings in deep melodious notes.


Then again the chorus sings

‘The Theme of the Drum’ this anthem is:

For voices more than man can count;

With beauty which no man can doubt.

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  1. I love this. Truly a work of art. Well done.


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