Welcome Back

Hello, hello, hello!

Welcome back to the original Gaining An Opinion!  I’ve taken something of an hiatus, with a spell of infrequent updates on Posterous,  but it seems like a good time to come back.

I am now at Faith Mission Bible College – quite a change from Computer Science! – so some of this blog may well be edited assignments or sermons.  On an assotiated note, I have also taken to writing bits and bobs of poetry, so again they might pop up every now and then.  I’m not happy with a lot of it, so the volume might be quite low!

Apart from that, I hope to make this something more regular than before.  I’m seeing a lot of my church family less regularly than I’d like and I’ve gained a few American friends that I would rather like to keep up to date with better.

So, yeah.  I’m looking forward to talking to you all!


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