Delayed Reactions

I talked about doing a post last Monday, but it’s taken me a while (over a week… :?) to post, whoops! Please forgive my silence.  I wanted to keep you all far better informed about what I’ve been up to, but there’s not much sense in crying over… an unwritten blog post or two?

So, what have I been up to?  Last week I was testifying at a couple of small churches and then again to the local Baptist church,  gave a children’s talk twice – once to very small group (six children all in early primary) and the other one to about fifteen older children (later primary school) and we went to a prayer union.  On top of that, we also helped out at a primary school reading group for the last couple of Mondays and we were at a young teenagers social event last night at a local church.

All in all it’s been a good ten days – if rather different to college life!  Everything seemed to go okay, I’ve been getting some good honest feedback from the FM worker that I’m with (which is really valuable) and some of the others that I’ve been working with.

The larger children’s club was rather disheartening – there was a child who was quite disruptive and seemed to get the other boys going with him, but even as they were being put out they supposedly told the leader a good amount of what was being taught, so maybe something was planted despite the disruption, hopefully in many of the quieter children as well as the trouble-makers!

Some of the churches have also been really small (one was half a dozen strong, two others between 15 and 25), and generally older congregations, but by the same token they were all (as far I could see) good praying churches filled with good, genuine, committed Christians who encouraged me despite knowing terribly little about me!  Praise God that he still has his people!

Am currently working on a Bible Study on Colossians 1 – aimed at a less mature church – trying to focus on the preeminence of Christ and the need for complete reliance upon him.  Quite humbling to the man who was one taunt from throwing in the towel on Friday night!  Oh, how much we (how much I!) must needs rely on Him for His work!  Yet how slow we are to do so!

If you could spare a few moments, I would really appreciate having your support in prayer. The fact that we have the power of heaven behind us should keep us going without limit – but I am so often running off my own little batteries, and they go flat so easily!

I hope that you also will have a glimpse into the preeminence of Christ this week, whatever you may be doing.

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