Seriously Slow

…  I should stop trying to be fast, or at least stop setting myself ‘fast’ deadlines for non-urgent things.  My brain had a more-than-weekly update schedule for this blog (at least for the duration of the placement that I’m on) but I’m currently achieving an 8-day cycle.  Oh well.  I do hope, and I really don’t expect, that any of you have been waiting on tenderhooks for my updates, but I never was able to tell if you were all sane!

So, a little review back into last week… The bible study seemed to go very well.  It was a small group, maybe about 6-10, who met for lunch beforehand and then I was left to get on with it.  It went well, and I hope what was said was useful and edifying to those people in their circumstances.

While on the road home, I started to take a cold… but it’s been a real nasty!  I was meant to be redrafting bible study for Sunday past (to a mission hall as part of a service) and preparing a children’s talk for a ‘Messy-church’-style event on Friday.  However this bug got me down.  At one point I thought it was tonsillitis and went to see the nurse – I didn’t think a cold could be so painful!!  So, needless to say I did not participate in either of the planned events (although the guy I’m working with wisely got me to attend at least!)  But it was not tonsillitis – it’s just man-flu (or perhaps the dreaded lurgy!)

So last week was preparation despite a head so full of snot that I couldn’t really think… (nice mental images, huh?) and then today we had another children’s club – but we’d already arranged that I wasn’t taking that one either, so I’ve been quite quiet for the last week (for which I am so grateful given my physical and mental state!).

I’m preparing to preach again on Sunday – this time from Exodus 33.12-23, 34.5-9 – so it’s all about big prayers from Moses and awesome answers from God – and climaxing with that passage in chapter 34… God declaring his name and nature!  I’m getting quite excited about where it’s going to go!

There’s also a seminar that I’ll be attending on Saturday and we’re having lunch with a local pastor on Friday, so it looks like there’ll be enough time for me to get the sermon ready – but it might be tight enough as my writing isn’t as sharp as I would like it to be.  Thankfully, God is in control, and he can work through me in the very worst of form if he so pleases, which is so reassuring!

You might say that my work load here is easy, and I would partially agree.  But I never quite appreciated the load of the preacher – the thought that my words could be the instruments for so much harm or so much good.  How much should we hold up our pastors and preachers in prayer – the men who speak life into the hearts of our local churches and assemblies.  How many could be put off by my distasteful metaphor or poorly chosen pun?

But thank God that he is on the throne.  He will have his way, and I trust that I (even I!) could be a faithful minister of his word – but only by his will.  Would you pray with me?  That I would be faithful in my ministry of preaching? (and whatever others He chooses to give me!)  I appreciate your prayer!  It is the most beautiful gift you can possibly give.  Thank-you.

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