One week to go

Hello again from Durham.  Probably my last post from down here, which is slightly sad.

It’s been a good time, although it will be nice to get back to something of normality!

Today I was preaching, which went well.  I’ll be putting the sermon online at some point and you can decide for yourselves… but this may or may not happen soon.  Let’s just say that I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Next Sunday I’m preaching again.  I’m teaching at a children’s club on Friday, I’ll be helping out at an drop-in on Tuesday, and tomorrow (Monday) I’ll be going to prison [to help with a bible study that’s held in there.]

I’m looking forward to this week – I need to write a new children’s talk for the Friday club, but everything else should be okay (from a preparation point of view).  The prison work is the bit I am probably most apprehensive of – I’ve never done anything like it before!

So yes, my last week on placement.  I’m hoping it will be a good time, and nothing too stressful.  We go straight back into college routine at the end of placement time – and I would like to have some energy to give to college when it begins again – but I know that I’ll have enough, even if enough turns out to be fumes and will-power.

Hope you are all having a pleasant May  (and yes, we are half way through!  Isn’t that a scary thought!) and I will speak to you soon.

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