Sunny Summer Scotland

A lecturer was remarking the other day that everyone seems to be a bit happier when the sun makes his much-loved appearance.  Long may the sun keep shining!  (Although I tend to spend a lot of my day basking [or should that be baking?!] rather than working, so maybe we need a little rain to keep the assignments in check!)

Anyway, some updates from the land of me.  I’m back in Edinburgh for one thing.  The train ride up the coast between Durham and Edinburgh is beautiful – I sat gawking for most of my journey!  Placement was (in summary), like most things – ups, downs and roundabouts – but on the whole good.  It’s a nice part of the country, and there were some really good people that I met and got to know a little.  It’s great to be back in Edinburgh!  I hadn’t realised just how much I missed some of the people and groups until I met them again.

Lectures have also recommenced.  We have quite a mix of stuff that will occupy us for the next five weeks (or so), and then EXAMS!!  Woo-hoo… eh, no.  Okay, too much sun!  Some of the mix – An Intro to Greek (of the biblical variety) [One that I think I’ll enjoy, having done Latin at school and kinda enjoyed];  Eschatology (the study of the end times) [Interesting as anything, but maybe a hard one to keep my big mouth closed during!];  “Prepare to Share” (A course on Evangelism and Outreach) [Really good, done by an amazing external lecturer and that I hope will really engage me and stir me to action.] and there’s a pile of others, but a big list really isn’t what I’m aiming for.

As to other things… there really isn’t much.  I’ve been trying to write recently, but not much has been flowing – bits of thoughts and half worked poems.  A small few are pretty full and complete, but not really bloggable [or should that be ‘blogable’?] – it’s the sort of stuff that I might show to a wife, if ever I am ever blessed with one.  Might.  Or they might just pass into forgetfulness.  That’s more likely.  If a little sadder.  Oh, speaking of writing – got a draft of an awesome short story by a friend from America (her blog is here).  It kinda inspired me to try my hand again at short stories, but I really need to learn how a good plot works.  I’m useless at them.  Maybe a summer project? (to a basic level!!)

So, I’m running away to enjoy the reds of dusk.  [If you’re in Britain – enjoy it while it lasts!]  Bye!

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