Stubborn Grace

The enemy does not wait too long

to bring his scheming temptations

Nor does the child withstand for long

Since glimmer of life appears.


He seeks to snatch the joy of life

and early stop the child by strife

and intervene and tempt away

that fruit will not be borne.


The enemy cannot fully see

the grace of God which covers me

or full assurance in the blood

and “Not of me, but of my God.”


His schemes will fail – that is for sure

Though now he seems to reign secure

His is a broken, toppling king

and God will one day justice bring


But as for now, I’ll watch and wait

seeking to walk in his long gait,

Stumbling, faltering, failing each day

Only secure in his strong grace

The story of my life – growth, attack, failure, restoration.  I’m currently at all four.  Life gets interesting sometimes.

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  1. Resonates!


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