End of term

So, today was the last day of lectures of my first year.  Wow!  Time has evaporated this year – and everything’s a blur!  There has been so much teaching and learning.  So many hard days and good.  So much growth and pruning.  And so far to go!!!!

I’ve not got much to say – my words are a bit thin on the ground at the moment.  (I need to go and read some more!)  I had college devotions this morning (on James 5.13-18), which went well despite being a hard passage on a topic I’m not good on (prayer) with very limited time.  [God is very gracious!]

Coming up – Exams!  I’ve got one on Monday (Eschatology – “the study of the end times”), Wednesday (Spiritual Formation – “a course on discipleship, but heavy”  and Friday (Scripture Memorisation – Isaiah 53 and about half of Colossians 1).

Apart from that, the madness of the end of term – room clearing, Edinburgh Convention, parents’ house, children’s camps and then the unknown for 6 weeks until I come back as a second year!

So – I’d better to go away and begin studying for the impending exams – although I imagine that tonight will be an evening off!  Have a great weekend!

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