Good afternoon! (or evening, or maybe even morning…)

It’s good to have some time to myself and to write for you good people (whoever you might be).

Firstly, my usual apology of not writing enough.  This time I have a good reason, so I do hope that you’ll be nice and forgive me!  This week has been the Faith Mission’s Edinburgh Convention (madly busy!) and the week before was exams (madly stressful!).  So, I’ve had a fun little while.

Secondly, an admission.  I’ve taken my eyes off the prize.  I just did.  I’m not sure how long it’s been, maybe a fortnight, probably a good while longer – allow me to explain.

Many of you will have noticed that I’ve been a bit down this past wee while.  If not, I have been.  It’s something in my natural nature to get a tad depressive, especially when under stress.  Notice how I described exams?  Yeah – not good for me.  Anyway, when I get down, generally because I’ve stopped being actively dependant on Christ, I foolishly look to myself for answers.  And, of course, I never have any.  So I spiral.  And that’s never pretty.  That’s what the last however-long has looked.  It’s not nice.

But, thankfully there is a ‘thirdly’ to this update.  God is good.  He invades life, and has brought me back to himself.  It’s great!  He’s pointed me back to himself, and accepted me back despite my many failures!  I love it when God loves the unlovable!

And now for a short ‘finally’. Today  (Sunday) is the last day of convention.  Tomorrow (Monday)- is clear-up, and then reprieve!  Hopefully I’ll have some time to blog a bit more in that period about the convention, what I’ve been learning and what I’m doing over the summer months (if I know!).

Hope you are all able to take some time out over the next wee while!

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