Unidentified Gifts

When I speak of a gift, your mind – like mine – probably jumps to one (or both) of two things.  Either that of a present, in a box, neatly wrapped with a ribbon bow; or perhaps of giftings – the natural tendency to do something well, like maths or music or writing.

The problem is, we so often miss some of our greatest gifts!  I’m talking neither of physical gifts nor abilities, but situations.  For instance, last night I started to write a post for you all; and I was going to moan a little about having unstructured time and the challenges that it brings.  But then I got up this morning and had a breakfast meeting with someone.  And although we talked very little about free time, it just struck me.  I have free time.  Free Time.  Time to read, and go for walks, and meet up with people, and watch films with people, and not worry about deadlines, and relax… and I was going to moan about this!?

And now I’m sitting here and realising that, for about 7 weeks between now and September, I have a real opportunity to grow and learn and make some of the theory become reality.  If only I would turn off facebook and limit my tv!  And even that’s not a cost – it’s a blessing in itself!!

Maybe I’m a bit slow and you’ve all been here before; but just maybe some of you guys need to realise that your ‘challenge’ is actually a gift, and that it’s just waiting to be unwrapped!

Note to you all.  You have permission You are encouraged to ask me what I’m reading and how it’s changing me.  I’m not promising you an answer, but ask anyway.  It’ll do me good!

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