People need to be inspired.  I need to be inspired. It’s how we’re built, if you excuse the every bad rhyme – it’s how we’re wired.  You give me a task without a rationale behind it then I’m far more likely to do it badly or not at all than if you tell me why and explain to me it’s importance.

Now, in all sorts of circles this poses a problem because the manager/teacher/whoever is just trying to find work for employees/students/volunteers – that’s something they need to deal with, but they shouldn’t get angry when it backlashes onto them with bad work…

Why do I bring it up?  Because this past ten days or so  (since getting back from youth camps) I’ve been completely unmotivated.  As a result, I’ve done very little, and therefore felt really bad, and therefore been really unmotivated.  (My mind is a strange and horrible place to be sometimes).

But, today something strange happened.  I went for a coffee with a friend and I came away motivated.  It’s strange because I don’t think he was trying to motivate me – we were talking about future plans, stuff that isn’t starting for a few weeks.  But he reminded me that I have a purpose.  He reminded me that I am actually useful – and because of that I left ready to do things.

It’s funny, because in the last 5 hours I’ve accomplished more than in the last 3 days.  All because someone chatted to me about the future and showed me that I was going to be useful.  I love the way we’re wired – even if it means that we have to be social sometimes!  So my challenge to you – encourage someone in the next 24 hours by showing them the future, by lifting their vision from the To-Do list or Television and remind them that they have a purpose in this world – as one well-known document puts it, “to glorify God, and enjoy Him forever”.

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