ToDo Overload

So, I started back at college yesterday (Monday).  And I knew this semester was going to be busy (in fact the whole year will be!).  But the sheer overload of ‘syllabus shock’ and having a couple of deadlines in the first week (devotions and a dissertation brief) mean that I’ve hit the second day and just started feeling like it’s too much!

This is all compounded with the trivial little things that clutter up a ToDo list or Diary – I’m talking about the laundry, the phone-calls, the things that you feel obliged to go to.

But God has been really gracious to me over this past year.  He got me through the deadlines.  Heck, he let me blossom in some of my assignments!  He allowed my natural (and hopefully spiritual) gifts to just work.  And yeah, it was hard sometimes.  I had many days where I wanted to lock myself in my room or punch something.  But He got me through.

He brings His gifts and these past graces to my mind, and ToDo overload doesn’t go away but it’s tempered by his ability and his generosity in gift giving.  I listened to something earlier – and he was speaking on Isaiah 6.  One of his points was that the response to real and massive difficulties isn’t to pretend that they don’t exist, but to look to God and see just how amazingly large and powerful and awesome that He is!

Isaiah was writing as the throne of the nation was recently vacated by a good king.  The enemy was bearing down on the capital!  But he writes the song of the angels:

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts,

The whole earth is full of His glory!

The earth was full of the enemy!  But that wasn’t what counted – God’s glory is what fills the earth.  Even in stress.  Even in oppression.  Even in pain.  Even with the prospect of defeat and death.

Looking to God puts things in their correct perspective – something I wish I learned to do some much more frequently and sooner!!

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