Swings and Round-abouts

Last week was a really good week.  I was being productive.  I was busy as anything.  I felt like I was in step with God – devotions were great and it all seemed to relate to where I was at.  Then this week happened.

I can’t remember when it started. Maybe it was on Friday afternoon when I had the questionable pleasure of visiting the dentist.  Maybe it was Saturday night after an awesome evening meeting when I crashed in energy levels.  Maybe it was the fact that I thought about my future and didn’t think about it in the correct perspective.  Or, far more likely, it was a slow fade.  Devotions slipped because I was “too busy” – hahaha, too busy to do the one important thing – and I started to run on the fact that last week was good.  I stopped looking at the time and tasks set before me, and instead lived in the strength of my past week.  Yeah, I know I’m an idiot.

And here I am.  Half a week wasted in sinful self-pity and mindless mourning.  How careful must we be, how intentional!  Never relying on our own strength or power!  Never! Because we slip so fast!

But thanks be to God that He gives more grace!  He teaches us and grows us.  And through all these swings and roundabouts we will one day find ourselves with Him and like Him.  Now that’s a decent perspective!

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