A short update before I run away

Disclaimer – It’s very early in the morning and I have used up all my words.  I’ll probably gaff something up in this post.

I just want to say good-bye for a little while. (It might not have much impact on how often I post here (only because I’m normally so bad at posting!))

Why am I leaving?  Part of my college course is a one-month placement with the Faith Mission.  This year, I’m up in Poolewe.  It’s a wee place in North Scotland; and I’m told it’s beautiful.  So a Faith Mission worker, another college student and I are going to be doing some work up there – and it’s pretty exciting (I don’t know if I’ll sleep tonight…).  But also a tad nerve-shredding (I really need to sleep!).

We’ll be involved in going door-to-door, putting on a short kid’s club, and then two weeks of evangelistic meetings in the village.  It’s an environment that I am completely new to – I’m a lowlander, and have never been to a tent mission – so it’ll be very interesting.  I think the phrase I’m looking for is a growing experience!

So, that’s me.  Please partner with us in praying for the team.  Each one of us has a burden to see people recovered for the Kingdom of God; and we need your prayers:

  • We need God to stir us up and put His message into our hearts and mouths.
  • We need God’s strength and wisdom in everything we do and say!
  • We need the Spirit of God to do a miracle in the lives of those who we meet.

Only God can raise the spiritually dead to life, and without His intervention we are powerless to save even one!

I thank God that He has ordained to use foolish people (of whom I am chief!) to proclaim His wonderful good news to the world.May God alone be glorified in all that we do and say.

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