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So, I’m back from my little 3.5 week jaunt into the Highlands.  I loved Poolewe, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience (not that either of those facts count to much, but nonetheless).  The children’s clubs went very well, and the evangelistic meetings were well received.  The door-to-door was good, but we were hampered by weather and circumstance.  I had my first taste of the Scottish Episcopal Church (an experience that has been very beneficial), and I think I’ve caught the bug for psalm-singing!!  But it’s good to be home.

The next thing is dissertation – which is due at the end of the month.  That’s going to be my life for the next few days.  Term also starts up again on Tuesday.

In other news – I’ve been reading a bit of Kierkegaard during my travels.  And my head is ready to explode in merry exhaustion.  However I highly recommend him.  I was first told to read him about 6 years ago (by a High School teacher who was brilliant!!), and now my only regret is being so slow!

So, that’s me.  Apologies in advance for the upcoming radio silence (that’s what I expect).  If you want me, you’ll find me either in the Library or in Procrastinatia.  :)

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