The Final Straight

My friends, acquaintances, and people that stalk the Interwebs!

The final corner has been turned;  The finish line is finally in sight. Yes – my two years at FMBC is almost over.
The dissertation has been handed in and presented. 
Now all that stands between me and graduation is just over 3 weeks – and a bit of coursework!

But what lies beyond that day?
What’s next, and where?
These are good questions.
And I don’t know the answer to any of them.
But that’s okay.

Because God holds all things in His hands.
He brought me to Edinburgh – even though I didn’t know it.
He put me in my church family – even though I wasn’t aware of it.
He sent me into FMBC – that one I knew about.
And He has kept me every day that I’ve been here – a fact I’ve all too often taken for granted.

But I can look back, and say with confidence that He has been faithful.
So I can rest in Him.

Pray for me – that I would finish well in these next weeks, and that as I seek God’s guidance that I would hear clearly and obey well all that He tells me to do.

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