The lull before the storm

So here we are, the day before The Edinburgh Convention preparations well and truly begin.

I’ve had one of the best weeks ever (even though it contained an exam, clearing out my room, and all sorts of other bits), but now it feels like the other foot is about to drop!  But isn’t that just life!  Perhaps my ‘realism’ is just getting the better of me…  (my bad!)

Regardless of whatever this week may bring:  In a week and a day I am supposed to graduate.  In 5 days (Wednesday) it will have been two years to the day since God called me to Bible College.  I don’t think words can (or should) contain all the thoughts I have about these facts.  But one thing I know:  God, the one who knew me before I was; the one who created me before anyone knew I existed;  the one who has brought me to this place.  This is the same God who will lead me onward.  He knows my paths, and my future is secure in Him.  Even the pain and hard times are planned and permitted by His loving hand.  How utterly praise-worthy is He!

Have a great weekend, and if I’m really (REALLY) organised I’ll maybe get a chance to share some thoughts on the Convention.


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