On my graduation

Praise the Lord!  He is faithful beyond telling, and He blesses more richly than any can proclaim!


He has given to me life, health, a loving family, friends and peers, Godly men and women who spoke the Word of God into my life, and teachers who encouraged me.  Over and above all this, He has redeemed me by the blood of His Son – the Lord Jesus Christ who bore my sin on the Cross – and He has adopted me, (ME!) who was by nature a rebel – a child of the hell, a sinner by both nature and action – to be His own son.

And it was His pleasure (for reasons beyond understanding)  to call me (EVEN ME!?) to study His Word, and to be trained to go into His service full-time.

He has kept me every step of the way – walking with me and dealing gently with me.

He is faithful – and words fail me to describe it!


May each one of you come to know the faithfulness and beauty of God – in even greater measure than I have come to know these past two years!

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