Welcome to Gaining an Opinion!

I am a Christian student, studying Practical Theology at Faith Mission Bible College. My home church is Bruntsfield Evangelical (which I love despite its shortcomings – and hope it does likewise to me).  In these communites I am striving to become the person that God would have me be.

You may have met many Christians who think they’ve got it all worked out – I was one of them not that long ago but then I realised quite how little I knew! Since then I have been wading to my neck in information, not always sure how to make up my mind on the issues. Bible College is certainly helping that, but I also hope that through this blog I can both share the information that I receive with you, but also (in writing down a logical position) to solidify my thoughts (to gain my opinion).

I hope that you will enjoy this as much as I do, and that it will be useful to you,